As One Great Global Adventure Ends…

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Will Moore is the first winner of the Great Global Adventure by AXA, a competition that offers a world-first prize – an all-expenses paid travelling experience, that includes two top internships with international AXA teams, a volunteering opportunity, and the chance to tick off his bucket list. We caught up with Will as he completed the final leg of his adventure to hear about his year and to find out what’s next…

California doin’

For the past six weeks, I’ve had the privilege to intern with AXA Lab in San Francisco, California.


The AXA Lab is AXA’s digital innovation sourcing unit and it focuses on accelerating the business transformation of AXA Group. I have been able to develop my understanding of AXA’s digital innovation strategies and delve deeper into the new disruptive technologies and trends that are impacting insurance, like the Internet of Things and the On-Demand Economy.

I also had the chance to be part of AXA’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Week. Myself and the AXA Lab team spent some time volunteering with GLIDE, a San Francisco-based charity that aims to alleviate the suffering caused by homelessness. It was a very humbling experience and we were grateful to be able to serve over 730 hot meals to the homeless community.


The Great Global Adventure is a personal as much as a physical journey. You will repeatedly push yourself to the limit. Whether it’s in organising your travel plans, accommodation, food, or building and maintaining your presence on social media, all whilst travelling – you will soon become proud of yourself as you embark on your global adventure.

The Charity Project and Internships will be some of the most important and rewarding experiences of your adventure. The welcome that I received from the Prestasi Junior Indonesia team in Jakarta was truly humbling. The work that they do with schoolchildren was inspiring and their focus on teaching the new generation to become entrepreneurs, to be inquisitive and to have self-confidence lays the foundation for Global Citizenship.

Learn from everyone and every experience

From farmers in Peru to the CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies in San Francisco, each person that I’ve met has contributed to my thinking and to my development as a young person. Both internships have developed my skills, provided me with invaluable contacts and given me a greater understanding of just how diverse AXA is and how they value being a fiduciary to their clients. Most importantly, it’s left me wanting to discover more!

Next stop…

Although this is the end of my AXA Great Global Adventure, I am delighted to report that this is just the beginning of my AXA Adventure! I am very excited to be starting my career with AXA, to be back in Hong Kong and to be contributing towards AXA’s growing presence in Asia.

Finally, any words of advice for the next Great Global Adventurer?

The charity project and internships will be some of the most rewarding experiences of your adventure. They are an invaluable opportunity to develop your skills, enhance your employability and build some long lasting contacts. And be prepared: the adventure is going to stretch you as a person and it will give you the best transferable skills you could acquire for your future career.

Thanks again for sharing your incredible adventure with us, Will. Good luck for the future.

We’re delighted to announce the winner of the 2016 Great Global Adventurer: it’s Chelsie Kumar from Brisbane, Australia! She beat over 25,000 people to the prize and will be heading off on her adventures soon. Make sure you’re following Chelsie on and Discover AXA.

If you’d like to find out more about the global opportunities available on the AXA Global Graduate program – if you’re ready to develop and gain transferrable skills and open doors to great career prospects, visit Axa’s website.


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