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New Year’s Resolutions: Dreams Vs. Reality

New Years Resolutions – A lot of us make them, but how many of us actually stick to them?

It always seems like a good idea to approach the new year with a big optimistic career plan about how we’re going to use it as a fresh start, to become better, more successful people; whether it be by landing your dream job, getting a promotion or getting a degree.

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But nearly a year on, I wonder how these ground breaking goals have really panned out.

Here are a few examples of some of the most common new years resolutions that people make about their careers each year vs. a more realistic take on them!

DREAM: I will land my dream job this year!


DREAM: I will approach each day with a positive attitude and a spring in my step!


DREAM: I will put extra hours in at work this year to get that promotion! 


DREAM: I will improve my relationships with colleagues! 


DREAM: I will reduce stress levels this year!


DREAM: I will stop procrastinating at work!

DREAM: I will achieve a great work-life-balance!


DREAM: I will maintain a healthy lifestyle!


DREAM: I will take pride in my appearance in professional situations!



REALITY: I guess I could get a job in recruitment.

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By Sophie Deering

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