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Are You an Old School or New Kool Recruiter?

The recruiter – a position that has changed drastically over many years.

What are the differences between a recruiter now and a recruiter a few decades ago? Most Wanted explain all in this infographic.


  • Old school recruiters had more tools – a phone (with a cord!), a calendar, pens and highlighters, a rolodex, posts in the newspaper, a fax machine – all on a gigantic desk needed for the long paper list of applicants!
  • Old school recruiters used to be able to actually speak to 1 person out of ever 10 they called on the phone.
  • CVs were FAXED to old school recruiters – no LinkedIn applications!
  • New skool/school recruiters have less tools – simply a smart phone, laptop and (maybe) an iPod docking clock (to celebrate).
  • The laptop holds further tools – such as email, digital calendar, and social networking.
  • The new skool recruiter can also create Google trends and gamificaiton on their laptop – something the prehistoric recruiter would not have been able to do!

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Old School vs New Skool Recruiter

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