Employer Branding

10 Myths About the Employee-Manager Relationship

When working, it can be hard to establish your relationships with your colleagues, including your manager or your boss. You may think it is okay to do certain things yet you could be very wrong.

There are some common myths that will eventually discourage employees from their work ethic and their work relationships. It is easy to become confused if you don’t know what is right and what is wrong.

Here are 10 myths by Wiley, about your employee-manager relationship and how you can change your perception of the workplace.

Myth 1:

Your boss shouldn’t tell you how to work if you are a high performer.

Truth: Everyone needs a little guidance.

Myth 2:

You need to be alone in order to be creative.

Truth: You need to know and understand the requirements in order to even think about being creative.

Myth 3:

You should get special treatment if others are.

Truth: Treating everyone the same is unfair if one person is putting in more effort and doing better than another, try to figure out how you could be worthy of a little extra special treatment.

Myth 4:

Doing things the way your boss likes them will lead to ultimate success.

Truth: The actual path to success includes feedback, recognition and resources.

Myth 5:

Making friends with your boss is a clever idea.

Truth: Develop a genuine rapport regardless of you being friends or not.

Myth 6:

Hiding from mistakes will help you to avoid trouble.

Truth: You should come clear about mistakes or any problems you have.

Myth 7:

Being coached on your performance is a bad thing.

Truth: People are helping you to improve your skills and learn!

Read the rest of the myths below and remember, you can change the way you think about relationships in the office and how this can make you a better worker overall!

By Casey Fleischmann