Talent Acquisition Timebound

Why Mobile Job Applications Are Essential to Recruitment

This TechTuesday, we are exploring this handy infographic on the online job application process, featuring data from more than 1,000 job seekers and 300 HR professionals.

Applying for jobs online can either be a straightforward fast process or an long-winded application nightmare. Companies are continually trying to improve their online application process and the amount of ways you can apply. For example, you can now conveniently apply for jobs on your phone.

This fascinating data basically reinforces the importance of mobile, and that poor experiences are pushing away potential candidates. Employers must understand what candidates need and deliver now!

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  • Three out of four job seekers think job hunting online is either time consuming (80%) or stressful (78%).
  • Most job seekers (70%) want the option to apply on mobile devices. However, more than a third of employers (36%) report their website is not mobile optimised, more than a quarter (27%) not supporting mobile whatsoever.
  • Job applicants say the biggest reason (60%) they give up applying to jobs is due to technical hurdles.
  • Almost a quarter (21%) of employers know that a poor candidate experience will increase negative comments on social media.


What’s your experience of applying to jobs recently been like? Let us know in the comments below!