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Top 10 Screening Mistakes by Recruiters

It’s always tempting to cut corners when screening candidates in order to save time in the recruitment process, whether it’s side stepping reference checks or rushing to fill the position without proper consideration, but these mistakes can have negative implications for all parties down the line.

This infographic by Resoomay explores the top 10 screening mistakes that are made by recruiters and how you can put them right. Are you guilty of making any of these errors?


  • The screening process is a recruiter’s opportunity to really get a sense of what kind of individual the candidate is and whether or not they would suit the role and company culture, however lots of recruiters make the mistake of asking purely superficial questions that don’t build any real understanding of the person. Having an accurate idea of someone’s personality type can reduce turnover costs for a business, as they are more likely to fit in with the team.
  • Lots of recruiters fail to check references and therefore put them self at risk of making a bad hire.
  • A common mistake made by recruiters is discounting candidates who appear to be “overqualified”, as there is rarely going to be an exact match for a job and the individual may be able to bring a lot to the role.
  • Failing to offer candidates a detailed and accurate job description can result in an inundation of applicants who may not necessarily be right for the role and therefore creating more work for them self when it comes to sifting through resumes.
  • A  lot of recruiters forget that it is a two way process and not only do the candidates need to sell themselves as the best person for the job, the recruiter must also promote the company and job in order to attract the top talent.

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The Top Ten Screening Mistakes by Recruiters