Good at Maths = Good at Getting Jobs?

Being good at maths is a skill everyone wants. It often means you have a more analytical mind, can do quick sums in your head and understand how to work out percentages in order to pay the restaurant bill!

Does mathematical ability actually predict how successful you will be in your career? Does possessing the ‘I’m good at maths’ gene from childhood, automatically set you up for a successful future?

This infographic by Tutoring Expert asks the same question and provides us with the answer:

Breaking the curve

In the 1970’s = sample of US 13 year olds who were good at maths. Results:

  • 2.3% became top executives
  • 7572 academic articles were written by 25% of the students.

The problem

  • Children have a lack of opportunity to learn substantial mathematics.
  • Children begin with a negative trajectory towards mathematics.


  • There is predictive power in early mathematics.
  • Pre school maths knowledge predicts success in high school.
  • Mathematics predicts later reading achievement!
  • Teachers underestimate children’s ability.
  • Children with maths problems were 13% less likely to graduate from high school.
  • All students need a maths intervention.
  • 58% of adults cannot compute a 10% tip on food bills.
  • 78% of adults cannot calculate miles per gallon.

People on reddit – How children should learn math

  • Buy children lego.
  • Ask children questions that involve estimation and math.
  • Get children music lessons.
  • Teach them to play chess.
  • Let them cut the pizza.
  • Teach them Origami.
  • Buy them card game sets.




By Casey Fleischmann