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What is the Best Way to Manage Social Media Platforms?

So you’ve registered with as many social media platforms as possible but now the key thing is to keep on top of them. The world of social media moves very fast so how can you find the time to constantly update them as well as keeping the content relevant and target?

This week our team of experts gives you their tips on doing just that and luckily there are a number of online tools to help you too.

Ariel Jolo

There are several tools, I personally prefer using each platform individually. Each one has their own codes and etiquette and I found it’s better to take a little extra time in order to achieve a well crafted message than just multiposting the same thing just for the sake of commodity.

Ariel Jolo,  Global Employer Brand Manager, at Medallia.

Adrian Cernat

Automate all you can and save precious time for other important tasks. How to do that? Get yourself tools that gives you the ability to manage organic social content from a centralized portal. And if that happens to be the same tool that already empowers their recruitment advertising activities, even better. Because not only will incorporating automation into social media workflows save time and effort for recruiters who would otherwise have to laboriously post content, read and respond to comments, and gather data—it will make it that much easier to create strategic alignment between organic and paid content.

Adrian Daniel Cernat, CEO & co-founder SmartDreamers

Sarang Brahme

Identify your target audience, build a strong content pipeline, engage your employees/connections to spread the word and be consistent in what you say! Building a network and a following takes time, so be patient. Social media will not give you ROI from the day one, it takes patience and consistency.

Sarang Brahme, Global Social Recruiting & Talent Brand Manager, Capgemini.

Carmen Collins

Dedicate time for it. Block time on your calendar – make it a habit. You don’t have to be everywhere all the time, that’s what social media managers do. Be strategic, be thoughtful, and be yourself.

Carmen Collins, Social Media & Talent Brand Lead, Cisco.

Cameron Brain

Like any professional, you’ve got a ton on your plate, so make it as easy as possible to be active on social.  Get the right tools, understand how to use them, and don’t waste a bunch of time getting distracted (social is, afterall 100% addictive).  If you’re an individual recruiter, the social networks’ native apps (e.g., the Linkedin app) should more than suffice. However and if you’re a member of a team or manage a team of recruiters, you should definitely look into an advocacy platform such as EveryoneSocial.  Such a platform not only makes it easier for your people, it provides you with the analytics and reporting to make sure everyone is driving towards the same objectives.

Cameron Brain, CEO & Co-Founder,

Mark Cavanagh

Consistency is key, your social media goals will determine the level of management required to deliver valuable content and cultivate your network. For the individual recruiter, this could be as simple as a weekly reminder to post your latest roles, share useful links and touch base with your connections. For those engaged in recruitment marketing, the use of a scheduling assistant (Sprout Social) in combination with sponsored or paid social media will allow you to do this on a larger scale, improving reach and automating interaction and social touch points.

Mark Cavanagh, Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Victoria Sorensen

You need a social media management tool such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer (there are loads of free apps out there). It does not have to be complicated, you need consistency and visibility. Scheduling posts in between the spontaneity is an efficient way to manage your presence.

Victoria Sorenson , Senior Talent Advisor, Oracle.

Othamar Gama Filho

Being relevant takes time and planning, use a tool like Buffer to help you easily schedule and share relevant content.



Othamar Gama Filho, is the CEO at Talentify.

Stephanie Scher

Approach social media like any other marketing or advertising platform. Understand the audience demographics of typical users and have measurable goals that support the purpose for your presence. Maintain the account with a regular cadence and stay connected by watching aspirational and competitive accounts to see what they are doing compared to your approach or strategy.

Stephanie Scher, Talent Brand|Social Media, Vanguard.

Eva Baluchova

I remember when I used to think that managing social media is easy because it’s free. Create, publish, analyse and report. I didn’t understand how overwhelming it can be. Patience and consistency are the keywords here, and those two take a lot of time. Thankfully, there are many great social media management tools. They save you time, save you money, and most importantly they will make it fun. They could even help you to improve your content’s reach. The good news is: a lot of these tools have generous free tiers. I recommend tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Corwdfire, Sprout Social. There are many more; have a look which one fits you and your budget the best.

Eva Baluchova, Talent Lead , Levelup Ventures.

By Ushma Mistry

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