How to Manage Your Social Media and Boost Your Career

It’s a well known-fact, that if you look after your social media presence, and manage it well, it’ll help boost your career and job prospects. have bought together the top 10 tips for managing your social media well.

How many have you done and which could you improve on? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Googling yourself can be good – make sure you do it on all the social media sites you’ve signed up for to get other people’s views.
  • Instead of cleaning up after you’ve made a mess, think before you post!
  • Having a number of dead accounts with long periods of inactivity can give the impression to recruiters that you don’t like to stick around – get rid of them!
  • Have you got a strong profile picture? Sometimes, it may be the first time a recruiter sees what you look like – make it good!
  • Finally, get rid of what you don’t like – there’s nothing wrong with deleting.

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