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6 Office Makeover Tips

The design and feel of your work space may take a back seat when it comes to your priorities in the office, but it is actually much more important than you may think. As soon as a potential client, customer or new employee walks into the office, judgements are being made about your business. From a new customer perspective, an impressive office can make an excellent first impression.

When it comes to potential new employees, the office is the place where they will be spending the majority of their time, so they’ll be considering this when they first visit. It also reflects quite heavily about how management treat and care for their workers, which brings me to my next point. As well as potential new customers and new employees, it also makes a huge difference to existing workers. The environment you work in can either make or break the motivation of your team. Keeping your office space fresh will ensure being at work is as pleasant as possible.

What should you really consider when you plan your makeover?

1. Light: keep it as natural as possible

A recent study discovered that windows were the number one determining factor of satisfaction in a building. This, of course, makes complete sense. Who would want to be shacked up in a dim office with no windows?! Sometimes, however, it’s not always possible to have windows which shed loads of natural light. Now most offices use cheap and harsh illuminated lighting in order to get maximum brightness, with a cost effective means of doing so. However it’s always worth spending a little more and getting better quality to light fittings.

2. Seating: mix it up

Unsure of how to set up your desks or departments? Why not start a new hot-desking style of working. Follow the example of some of the most creative brands such as Innocent drinks and LinkedIn – mix up the seating arrangement for a truly collaborative and creative workforce.

3. Budget: no need to break the bank

With a realistic budget and a collection of happy employees, you don’t need millions of pounds to give the office a boost. Even small, cheaper options can make the office a nicer place to work. Think flowers, food, soda, coffee, new lamps, more storage – none of which are particularly expensive. Invest in a new coffee machine, get everyone new stationery…after all, it’s the little things that count – and they make a big difference!

4. Music: it makes a difference

When it comes to motivation, music can make a huge difference. You may not want to have it on constantly, but every so often it’s nice to have a few tunes blasting through the office. Why not set up a shared Spotify playlist so everyone can contribute a song or two?

5. Colour it in

Colour can make a huge difference in the office. According to the Colour Affects website, different colours induce different states of mind and feelings. Try and choose colours that reflect your business or brand, to get your staff stimulated! Colour psychology is actually a pretty interesting topic, so it’s worth having a research before you get painting!

  • Blue stimulates clear thought
  • Yellow boosts creativity and lifts spirits
  • Red physiologically affects the body and elevates one’s pulse
  • Green creates a sense of calming balance
  • Saturated, bright colours stimulate
  • Softer, muted colours relax and soothe

6. Walls rock (no really, they do)

If you’ve got limited space in your office, why not use the walls to your advantage? There are so many things you can do with a simple wall. You could buy a tin of blackboard paint and transform it into a giant drawing board. You could cover it with lego bricks and have a building wall. Why not hold a competition for your employees on what should go on ‘the wall’?

What things do you do to make sure your office stays interesting? Let us know in the comments below.

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By Ruby Lowe

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