The 10 Stages of Lunchtime

Lunchtime – the much-needed midday milestone for any hard worker. You’ve slaved away for a good few hours, and you get to reward yourself with some tasty treats. Do you fill up with a healthy salad or a piece of pizza? Is it a jacket potato or a baguette? There are so many possibilities!

Whatever you do, there are always 10 stages of lunchtime which you go through… and it all starts first thing in the morning:

1) Waking up thinking of food:

Hands up – who wakes up every morning thinking about the food they’re going to eat for the day?

Forget breakfast (although some say it’s the most important meal of the day)…it’s all about lunch!

2) Snacking through the morning:

You’ve had breakfast, elevenses, and you’re waiting for lunch but you’re SO DAMN HUNGRY – so you decide to snack on something “healthy”, like carrot sticks or quinoa.

If you have more willpower than me, you’ll actually eat something healthy – and well done!

3) Googling your options:

You’re counting down the minutes until lunch time, so you begin to search out your options – meal deal, pizza, fish and chips, salad…the possibilities are endless!

How do you use what to eat? Is there an app for that?

4) The clock ticks over to your lunch hour:

It’s time, it’s finally time.

You can leave to get your food from the cafe/your lunchbox and sit and enjoy. Tuck in, it’s time to fill yourself with energy for the afternoon.


The best bit of lunchtime, obviously.


Lunchtime is so good and so important, that it needs two stages. Yes, really.

7) So sleepy:

Once lunchtime is over, if you’ve done it right, all you want to do is nap, forever.

You’re so full up from the tasty food that your eyes and body can’t function properly. We’ve all experienced it and it’s horrible and amazing in equal measure.

8) Hunger…again:

Yes, you’ve just eaten enough food to feed 1000, but your hunger is back.

Is it wrong to have two lunches?

9) Guilt:

After the hunger, comes the guilt.

Why did you eat so much food?

Why can’t you keep your meals small?

Guilty as charged.

10) Dinner time:

Then you remember that there is another meal to come.

It’s like lunch, but bigger – DINNER TIME!

By Laurence Hebberd