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How to Use LinkedIn University Pages to Recruit

LinkedIn is expanding its relevance to new demographics day by day. Most recently they launched their University Pages alongside allowing students from the age of 13 and older to make use of the LinkedIn Platform. This is all part of its goal to entice prospective graduates and students in the tremendous career benefits of using this platform.

Accuracy of People Data

There are of course numerous job boards, portals, and other sites which are useful for job seekers, but not all of them are as accurate or trustworthy as one might think. The trouble with generalist job boards can be that employers have to sift through thousands of irrelevant applications and assume that what these applicants are stating is the truth. A great benefit of using LinkedIn instead is the credibility of the professional profile through the inclusion of the University in question (as well as work experience and other bits).

What are Students and Graduates Doing on LinkedIn?

Studies showed that students and graduates are actively using LinkedIn to research companies, check out career paths, prepare for interviews, get introductions and referrals, make business contacts, extend their resumes, collaborate with college alumni for advice and opportunities and find internships and jobs (Higher Education Marketing Blog).

LinkedIn Education and Why Companies Should Get Involved

“35 % of LinkedIn’s students plan to use LinkedIn as a primary source for their job hunt, up 700% from two years ago’. – Achievers 2012 Study

The above-mentioned statistic showcases the growth potential of LinkedIn campus recruiting in the years to come. The education tool has established relevance and accreditation to these online professional profiles. By viewing it as a three-sided ecosystem LinkedIn understands that it is a relationship between the Students, Employers, and Universities.

As a student or recent graduate you might not have adequate work experience. In that case, what is most important is your credibility as a student. LinkedIn Education gives that stamp of approval in convincing prospective employers that you are in fact qualified. In subscribing for a Premium LinkedIn membership graduates will be able to get enhanced exposure to employers.

By not getting involved and creating a company profile on LinkedIn, companies are missing out on hundreds of qualified applicants ‘ready’ to become employed. Through creating a company profile and staying active on the LinkedIn platform you give students the chance to consider your company and job listings as a prospective career path.

Company profiles also help jobseekers to establish a relationship or connection long before the application process. Allow these graduates to get to know your company culture; what you are looking for and your vision for the future.

Tips for Recruiting Graduates on LinkedIn

  • Assure that your company’s page is complete and accurate. This will show prospective employees that you are transparent and approachable.
  • Have a content strategy for your company page, be sure to put out regular updates about the business, your industry, and other useful information.
  • Do create showcase pages for specific parts of your company, especially if your organization is large and has many different offerings.
  • Target students and graduates via advanced searches or straight from University pages, be aware that they will both check out the recruiter’s profile and your company page(s).
  • If you have LinkedIn Recruiter, make use of LinkedIn’s new CheckIn feature at campus events to connect with the right individuals and draw attention to the happenings.
  • Track and engage with individuals as you would do when networking. Get to know possible candidates and offer them guidance and assistance in their job search endeavors.

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.