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How Talent Connect Attendees Use LinkedIn [STUDY]

This year, Link Humans partnered with LinkedIn to run the ‘Profile Makeover’ booth at the annual Talent Connect Europe 2012 event.

The three of us (Laurence, Jorgen and Laurent over from Paris especially), had over a hundred people coming for profile makeovers, including some of the keynote speakers.

Almost all of our attendees were part of their company’s HR community and as such they are ambassadors of their employer on social media and LinkedIn. We feel that it’s important to lead by example on LinkedIn, by having a strong profile that promotes both the individual and the company it can inspire other employees to do the same.

As we only had about 5 minutes for each person, in the slide deck you will find the top five recommendations we gave our attendees.

We also ran a short poll during the day on the attendees’ LinkedIn activity, and here are the results.

Please note: In total we had 41 respondents to these questions, so this is not a highly scientific study!

When did you join LinkedIn?

The majority of respondents joined LinkedIn between 2007 and 2010, with the mode being 2008. Only one person who answered the survey joined in 2012.

How many LinkedIn connections do you have?

Half the people who answered our poll had 500+ connections on LinkedIn – showing a strong network procedure on the site. 7 people specifically stated a figure over 1,000, with one person having over 11,000 connections (they joined LinkedIn in 2003, so have had time to build up their network).

How many groups are you a member of?

There is a limit on being a member of 50 groups when you join LinkedIn. The majority of people were a member of between 1 and 20 groups  – a reasonable amount, as it is not too few and not too many.

How could LinkedIn improve their profiles?

There was a variety of answers to this question, with our top 5 responses being:

  • Allowing attachments on profiles, on InMails and messages
  • Better content
  • Direct networking
  • Improve mobile app
  • Easier group management
You can see all our poll results in the interactive infographic below – hover over the images to see the figures. Thank you to all our respondents, hopefully see you next year!