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The Employer Brand of a Top Law Firm

We sit down with one of the biggest law firms in the world and learn how they take a federal approach to employer branding and even have an internal score for maturity.

Tarek Dawas is Global Head of Resourcing at Allen & Overy in London, the 7th biggest law firm in the world, and in this episode, he shares how the firm operates, what the culture is like, what talent challenges they have and how employer brand fits into it all.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. What the corporate culture is like at Allen & Overy, and why they have a 24-hour work environment and sleep pods!
  2. What the talent challenges are at Allen & Overy.
  3. About their employer brand strategy, what’s unique about it and what EVP pillars form as part of this.
  4. What is Allen & Overy’s best source of hire; job boards, career site, social media or referrals?
  5. About the initiatives Tarek is most proud of in his time at Allen & Overy.
  6. About the hard lessons learned during the employer brand journey of Allen & Overy.
  7. How Tarek and his team measure the ROI on their employer brand efforts.

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By Karim Ansari

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