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10 Last-Minute, Low-Budget Gifts for Recruiters

You don’t always outlay money and buy people gifts to show your appreciation. Sometimes, a genuine ‘thank you’, personalised email or phone-call is really all it takes to make someone feel special (warm & fuzzy). Agency recruiters are hard workers and aren’t the type to expect gifts, anyway.

However, if you’re working with an excellent recruiter or have a colleague you simply couldn’t bare to not have by your side, a little gift might catch them by (pleasant) surprise and is a really nice way to show you notice the value they add to your career. Stuck for ideas with a relatively modest budget? Check out these 10 simple ideas:

1. Table pot plant

A bit of greenery is usually a very welcome addition to someone’s workplace! If you think they have the time to look after a live one, go for that (just make sure you pick a species that survives indoor environments). Another alternative is a fake pot plant, which while it won’t omit any fresh odour, will still brighten a desk up, without the maintenance!

2. Chocolate

This one speaks for itself. And I’m not talking about just a standard chocolate bar here. People aren’t really used to going and buying themselves a gourmet selection of chocolate treats for the office, so delectable cocoa concoctions tend to make for great, indulgent gifts.

3. Stationery

While recruiters spend hour after hour in the office, stationery tends to be a bit ‘whatever goes’. Recruiters are forever needing to jot down quick notes, attend meetings and file bits and pieces away… so why not go for some nice notepads, pens or folders, that have a pattern on them you know they’ll like, based on their personality?

4. Coffee mug

Recruiters tend to be huge coffee and tea drinkers – it kind of comes with the territory. No one likes using a stained old mug from the kitchen cupboard… so why not buy your recruiter a nice mug for their desk? You can personalise it if you really want to go for it… or even get one with a biscuit holder. How cool?

5. Bottle of wine

Sometimes it’s nice to receive a carefully chosen bottle of wine. It’s an easy thing that will always be used – probably sooner rather than later!

6. Tea-light candle

There is always room for a candle, whether be on someone’s desk, or at home somewhere. Go for the ones with really nice smelling fragrances… like chair spice or vanilla coconut!

7. Hot water bottle

When the weather outside is frightful, why not make their desk time delightful? A hot water bottle is the perfect thing to keep recruiters warm in the office in the colder months. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere experiencing a heat wave, why not opt for a desk fan instead? You know, one of the battery-operated ones you can clip onto the side of your computer?

8. Cinema vouchers

Everyone loves going to the cinema! Cinema vouchers will always get used, and fit nicely in a card, so you’ll save $$$ on wrapping paper. Bonus!

9. Cookbook

With online recipe sites and cooking hubs, people are less likely to go out and buy themselves a brand new cookbook, leaving a great opportunity open for you! Go the extra mile and grab them a cook book stand as an extra, so they can choose their favourite page and have it open on their kitchen bench as a feature piece.

10. Puzzles

Recruiters often spend a lot of time on long conference calls on the phone, which can result in severe levels of boredom. Why not opt for a jig-saw puzzle that they can keep at their desk, or something else to keep them entertained / mesmerised? Perhaps you could opt for a Rubik’s cube or Newton’s Cradle.

I do hope these gift ideas help. Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments or tweet me!

By Phoebe Spinks

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.