7 Things You Wished You’d Have Known Before Graduating

Ah, good old university days. When life was easy, rent was cheap and responsibilities were no where to be seen. But what would you tell yourself if you could go back now?

1. Every day is an interview:

University can bring way more opportunities than you may realise. Everyday there are chances to meet and impress those in the industry, the networking scope is huge. Students often miss out on these opportunities as they don’t think they will be very useful – but you could even meet your future employer!

2. You’re not going to get your dream job:

Sometimes, students will leave university and expect to breeze into their dream job. Now don’t get me wrong, this sometimes happens…but most of the time it doesn’t. Sometimes you’ll have to start from the bottom to get where you really want top be.

3. Work experience is important:

This is hammered into our heads from a young age – but work experience can be a deal-breaker when applying to jobs. Use your holidays and reading weeks as time for work experience, you never know the difference it can make.

4. Graduation ceremonies are boring:

Apart from the free champers, graduation ceremonies are pretty boring.

5. Interviews don’t have to be terrifying:

Can you believe it?! Interviews can actually be fun. If you feel comfortable with the role you’re applying for, the interview should be more of a showcase, rather than a interrogation.

6. Social media can get you a job:

University is the time to get your social media presence up to scratch. Connect with influencers and people you admire.

7. Make the most of your spare time:

You won’t realise until after graduation how much spare time students actually have. So use it wisely!

What would you tell your pre-grad self? let us know!

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By Ruby Lowe

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