15 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 35 Years Ago

A lot has changed in the last thirty-five years and perhaps some of the most noticeable changes have occurred with technology. In 1986 the Macintosh computer was in its infancy, Google didn’t exist and DVDs were still a thing of the future. In fact, if you were reading this article thirty-five years ago, chances are that you would have read it on printed paper, rather than a desktop, iPhone, or printout. There have been so many changes and advances in terms of innovation in recent years that it has become hard to imagine what effect they have had on society and business.

Enter: The Internet

Technology has had an effect on every aspect of our lives and has transformed the way we communicate with others, how we spend our leisure time and it has also had a huge impact on business and our careers. Possibly the most notable advance in technology was the birth of the internet, an innovation that has created an industry and subsequent new technologies. The internet connects people, regardless of their location, it saves time and it has also created an immediate source of knowledge and information.

For businesses big and small, technology and the internet, in particular, has become an essential feature – it allows them to communicate internally with colleagues, externally with clients, and also to track their progress and various trends. Owing to the importance of factors such as social media and online marketing for businesses, a whole host of completely new job roles are constantly being created around these areas, as they become essential for the operations and success of a business. These include several jobs that just a few decades ago people would never have heard or dreamed of; SEO Consultant, Drone Operator, Blogger.

Enter: A Suite of New Jobs

This infographic from Colonial Life looks at a number of jobs that didn’t exist thirty-five years ago, from App Developer to Virtual Assistant. As many technological jobs are quite specialized, often requiring a specific skill set and knowledge base, their salaries are often very high. For example, a User Experience Designer can earn up to $92,000 a year! However, these ‘new’ jobs are not just limited to technology, there are also many new roles coming about relating to fitness and nutrition, as a result of changing attitudes and lifestyles.

Just a few years ago Zumba became the latest fitness trend, with women (and men!) all over the world taking part in the Latin-inspired dance classes. So to meet this demand, it’s no surprise the number of Zumba Instructor roles at gyms and leisure centers increased and is now a legitimate career. Similarly, the rise of ‘clean eating’ and high profile food bloggers has seen a rise in Nutritionist and Wellbeing Expert roles.

Our changing attitudes have also led to the invention of more eco-friendly career paths, such as Offshore Wind Farm Engineer whose role is to construct wind turbines to provide an alternative energy source.

Nowadays, it’s hard to think of a job that doesn’t already exist in one form or another. However, no doubt in another twenty or thirty years’ time we’ll be faced with a whole host of new jobs that we could never have dreamt of, whether owing to further advances in technology and innovation or perhaps to cater to the ever-changing world we’re living and the demands of the planet itself.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about these modern jobs and their salaries! Are there any that come as a surprise to you? And, what jobs do you expect to see appearing in the future?

About the author:  Jessie Avery is an insurance agent and representative of Colonial Life. They regularly provide advice and opportunities for small business owners.


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