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Should You Stop Job-Hunting Over Christmas?

This week, we asked should you stop job hunting over Christmas? The majority of your answers were ‘no, never stop looking!’

To stand out as a candidate, you must stay ahead of the game. Persistence and focus is key to landing job-hunt success. If you search in quieter seasons, it’s likely that you’ll have less competition! However, it’s important not to overwork during the festive period. There’s some really useful advice provided by contributors to the discussion below. Thanks to everyone that participated for their feedback, and have a great festive break!

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Here’s the Link Humans answer to the question:

Jörgen Sundberg

Director & Lord of the Dance @LinkHumans – Social Media Agency

Well the job market certainly slows down over Christmas but that gives you a chance to stand out, as there’ll be less applicants. If you can find a company that wants to finish their rounds of recruitment over the holidays for a January start, you could be on to a winner.

Alexandre Bourgeois

Account Executive & Baron of Baguettes @LinkHumans – Social Media Agency

As a job seeker, I think you should never soften your efforts!

Almost everyone in the discussion agreed that you should never stop applying to jobs, and that the holidays are key time to get ahead of the competition and apply for vacancies with less applicants!

Liz D’Aloia

Mobile HR Solutions | Starting at $150 for Small Business | HR Virtuoso Company

Top Contributor

Never stop looking! You never know what seeds that are planted over the holidays will sprout when budgets are finalised and people return from vacation in January.

Freyja White

Senior Professional Recruiter at COASTLINE

I don’t find the job market slows down at all – in fact quite the opposite. Companies are in the last month of their fiscal year, their budgets for the New Year are already approved and sitting on their desks, they know who they are replacing in the new year and what new positions are being added to their departments and they are raring to find new people to hire.
So, no, don’t slow down a job search at all!

Claire Giancola-Belmares, MBA

Director of Talent Acquisition, Thomson Legal at Thomson Reuters; Dakota/Scott County Workforce Investment Board

Give yourself the gift of a new opportunity in the New Year! The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on your current situation, research and make a resolution to propel your job search.

Estelle Leisegang

Talent Manager Evrst Business Solutions

I agree. This is the time for serious job seekers to use to their advantage.

Christina E. Rodriguez

Chief Advising Officer I Job Search I Resumes | Linked In Profiles

Give yourself the gift of consistency and persistence. Businesses don’t turn off the lights for the holidays!

Carolyn Hipkins explained that she would be applying to jobs that are relevant, regardless of the time of the season.

Carolyn Hipkins

Seeking new position in Public Relations/Public Affairs with NPOs, social enterprise organizations.

If a company is advertising it positions over the holidays I’m applying.

Whilst the job hunting is an all-year task, Amanda Davis said that time away from the pressure of searching for a vacancy is essential. Gain focus and recharge over the Christmas break!

Amanda Davies

Managing Director at ISV Skills Testing & Training, Co-active Coach

On the flip side, dedicated candidates know that finding a job is almost a full-time job itself. Like any worker, some time off, away from a situation and the pressure (from others and they can put on themselves) is ideal for recharging the batteries. Even just a few days ‘off’ restocks the energy reserves, focuses the mind and gives new found momentum. Hence candidates should perform better.

Similarly, Samuel Rossi says that job seekers should use festive gatherings to gain contacts you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Samuel Rossi

Former Director Operations at Design Home Gift & Paper, Inc

This is a fantastic time to “soft cell” yourself at neighbourhood parties, and holiday gatherings of family and friends. I wouldn’t make the evening about how you are looking for a job, but a quick mention to an acquaintance might uncover something you might not have thought of …

Both Jose Watson and Emma Gunes reveals the employer perspective on hiring in the holiday season:

Jose Watson

Pioneering Spirit Recruiter for Lowe’s Home Improvement

I say take advantage of this slow season to really get your employment brand out for candidates to celebrate new careers!

Emma Gunes

Recruitment & talent resourcing tech entrepreneur

Never stop looking and I believe companies should never stop hiring. Christmas is a great time to get your vacancies visible on the job boards when others are taking their foot off the pedal. Candidates have more time on their hands to consider their options. We have always made some great placements between Dec/Jan and encourage our clients to launch campaigns right through the holidays.

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