So you’ve had your interview and thought that nothing could top those nerves, until you realise you have still got to wait for the results. The anticipation commences the moment you step out of the interview room, all the possible mistakes you made or all the wrong things you might have said begin playing and your mind and you dismiss all the good things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a hint of whether you did well or botched the job interview altogether? Here are some clues that might help you along the way:

1. The Next Call

During your interview, a great sign that you are up for the job is when the hiring manager schedules you for a second interview before you have left, it can only mean that s/he wants to know more about how qualified you are for the job. However, statements like, “We will just call you” can be devastating and could be one of the signs that you have to move on and try for another job.

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2. Interview Over time

Everyone knows that Interviewers do not waste their time with unqualified applicants, if you are not suited for the position it is highly unlikely that your interview will run over time, so if it does – this is a good sign. If the interview begins to get more personal, it means that that they are more interested in you and most likely studying your traits very carefully. Remember some jobs are about more than just your degree, you need a personality too – especially when working within a team.

3. Meet and greet the team

Some interviewers are known to let the possible new hire meet the soon-to-be colleagues at work. This a great sign! It is often the case that the interview wants to know how well other office personnel respond to you. They wouldn’t waste their time with this is they weren’t contemplating making you part of the team.

4. Selling the company

When the interviewer spends more time talking in detail about the position or the organization and begins to tell you in detail all the advantages of working for the company, it’s a positive sign that you are going to get the job. If your interviewer then begins running through a detailed description of the role that you might the job more appealing to you, then they are probably trying to make sure no one else gets to you first.

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5. Future boss reveals plans

One of the clearest and most obvious signs is if you interviewer comments on how they are looking forward to having you as part of the team. If you then begin discussing future plans about a possibly project that you would be working on within the job; it is a discreet way of welcoming you to the company.

Bottom line

However, with all the competition that there is around you in today’s job market, it is essential to put your best foot forward during the job interview. Try and read all the possible hints that are been let off, although do remember that an interviewer can do any of the above and maybe not mean anything by it.

Equally they may show great interest in you but eventually settle for someone else. If you are not successful, don’t worry. Pull your head up high and keep applying – there are still plenty of jobs available in the UK.

author: This is a guest post from Rebecca Airey, Community Assistant & Writer at job site, connect with her at @adzuna.

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