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The Importance of an Inspiring Workplace

Never underestimate the power of the physical environment, especially as a strategic tool for unlocking the keystones of innovation: creativity, productivity & collaboration.

Kursty Groves is a Workplace Innovation Consultant and thought-provoker for creating inspiring physical and cultural work environments. Kursty has gone behind the scenes of the world’s most innovative companies, uncovering insights that drive their success. Her latest book, Spaces for Innovation, guides leaders and designers alike through the important elements that make effective environments for exceptional work performance.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why workplace environment has become so important, especially in terms of innovation and inspiration.
  • What the key spacial types are and what they mean:
    1. Collaboration
    2. Stimulation
    3. Reflection
    4. Play
  • How to define the right environment for your company, while keeping in mind all the right values and behaviors you want your employees to exhibit.
  • Why looking at your environment from an efficiency standpoint is Kursty’s number one pitfall she sees employer make when it comes to their environment.
  • How to measure the return of investment of having an inspiring workplace.
  • How Microsoft, and more, are doing so well when it comes to the workplace.
  • What Kursty’s top 3 tips are for employer brand manager out there looking to make a change in their environment.

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