Employer Branding

The 5 Most Inspiring Employer Brand Videos

As we all know, videos around employer branding can be a bit cheesy. So instead of taking them down, we’ll give you five memorable examples that are actually worth watching. Just press play & get inspired (or not)!

Research suggests that people prefer to see & hear content rather than read it. So, video formats are becoming essential in the communication of your employer brand. Very few companies can afford to advertise their employer brand videos on TV. However, a well-crafted video can bring your employer brand to life in a curious, clean, and conscious way to engage with people on your career site and social channels. And if it’s REALLY good, people might share it across. Nothing wrong with a viral video, for (employer) brand purposes, right?!

This. Is. A. Generic. Brand. Video.

They’re not kidding. This video is made entirely with stock footage from Dissolve. Whilst proving that they can make an employer brand video from their footage, they also won the 2015 Shorty Award for Best in B2B.

This video has two takeaways:

  • Ensure the tone of voice, look & feel of the video match your desired employer brand identity, since consistent branding = everything. Period.
  • *HINT* avoid the kind of corporate video cliches satirized in the video above…

Magical Imagination at GE

One of the biggest companies, General Electric, has created an interesting employer brand video. What’s interesting is the perspective, as it’s from a little 6-year-old girl who’s fantasizing about her mother’s inventions at work. Despite the fact that it seems very unrealistic, it appears to be not so far from the truth. GE’s striking 60-second ad is projecting an interesting (maybe childish) perspective, that will spark curiosity.

Go Places with Heineken

Cheers! When you think of Heineken, surely the first thing that comes to mind has got to be BEER! But, that’s not everything they do. In the video below, you’ll see how a big brand like Heineken is successfully presenting its full brand portfolio, without bragging or being too over-the-top corporate.

Let’s just say that they want employees to: “Learn a craft, a trade, there’s a journey to be made.”

Make Greatness Happen

The big German sports giant, Adidas, is known for its famous three stripes. But there’s so much more that contains them. In their employer brand video, you can see employees in various functions & locations. They show great diversity in gender, age & ethnicity. At first glance, this might look a lot like the “stereotypical” employer brand video. But that’s where you’re wrong. This video is made with actual employees, showing their flaws and all, instead of the ultimate boring image of perfection.

“Working with the Adidas Group means that interesting, amazing, and inspiring aren’t just ideas. They are the core of what we do every single day to transform the future of sport, style, and ourselves.”

Working at Dropbox

I’m sure the first thing that pops into your mind is: The Muppets! (Sesame Street is also a good second). But no, this is an employer brand video from Dropbox. Let’s just say they don’t mess around. Or maybe they do. With puppets. And it’s awesome. However, it would be interesting to know how much of the video is actually real & how much is staged. We probably will never know, as this is an (in internet terms) ‘ancient’ video from 2014.

Let’s explain. Dropbox is currently uploading under one-minute clips that tell stories about both employer brand & corporate brand. The thing is, I just find this ‘old’ video much more interesting than the bunch of, more corporate videos they’ve been launching recently. Of course, feel free to check out the new ones as well, but you’ll see what I mean.

Let’s Wrap Up

So, you’ve seen a few inspiring ways to communicate your employer brand to the outside world. Naturally, not every company has the resources, budgets, and time to produce the most amazing videos. So let’s see what our takeaways are:

  • Curious
  • Clear
  • Conscious

With these three C’s in the back of your head, you should be fine when it comes to coming up with video concepts. In order to grab the potential candidates’ attention, they need to be triggered by something unusual. Something that makes them curious to continue to watch the video.

After grabbing the attention, you need to quickly come in with a clear proposition. Warning: if you wait too long, they’ll be gone! Together with a clean, punchy promise, you could include some conscious thoughts as well. In the form of values or a company vision about the heading into the future. Let’s just say, you need to make people feel something (preferably something positive).

So, if you’re smiling or grinning whilst watching your employer brand video, you’ve got it right! Feel free to drop other inspiring employer brand videos in the comments, happy to discover more interesting stories!