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Employer Branding: An Inside Out Approach

How do you communicate an employer brand from the inside out? It all starts from within your organization.

We’re with Kristin Dudley, a keen producer of stories that attract and engage, as well as the Founder of Co-Create LLC. In this episode, we’ll learn what impact employee stories have on talent attraction, how to go about capturing the best workplace moments and we’ll find out what candidate chemistry is all about.

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In this episode we’ll learn:

  • About Kristin’s journey from Comcast to Co-Create.
  • What Kristin means when she talks about the employer brand from the inside out.
  • About the 4 key steps to communicating your employer brand from the inside out.
  • Why video is key when it comes to showcasing your employee experiences and the employees who make up your culture.
  • Why you should never ever make assumptions as an employer brand professional.
  • What ROI metrics are key to Kristin’s employer branding efforts.
  • Why LinkedIn can be a key tool for attracting the right talent for your company.
  • Why Gen Z need to be understood so that we can rebrand work as a more loveable place to work.

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