7 Ways to Inject Creativity into Your Personal Brand

With personal branding becoming mainstream, it is really important to think of more ways to inject creativity into your personal brand. In the past simply securing or starting a blog was a sure-fire way to stand out, however, nowadays such actions are no longer the exception but the norm.

A recent example of an incredibly brilliant way to creatively brand oneself is what Philippe Dubost did to sell himself with an online resume made to look like an Amazon page. His approach led to over 200,000 hits a day, close to 30,000 Facebook likes, and more importantly numerous job offers!

To help inject some creativity into your personal branding efforts, consider one of the following 7 ways to package your personal brand:

1) Infographics:

Have you heard of Piktochart? These are just a small handful of the various tools available to create infographics. Infographics are brilliant for creating a visual story of your personal brand. Many of these tools have free versions with a nice handful of templates to get you started.

2) Pinterest

Create a board on Pinterest that communicates your brand – pin images that show the story of you maybe even pin a video bio. Demonstrate your thought leadership by pinning content relevant to your field and expertise. The opportunities are endless but go in with a strategy and create specific ‘boards’ related to your personal brand rather than just randomly pinning images.

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3) Wordle

Wordle is a great visual tool where you can use words and phrases to communicate your brand attributes, your vision, or your brand story. I often see people use wordle for a manifesto or the about page on their website. Here is a great example of an ‘interactive’ wordle where each phrase is clickable and takes you to more information, images, videos, etc.


Content curation is an awesome way to gain visibility. If you can make it easier for others to find relevant and compelling content then you have saved people time and frustration. That is worth its weight in gold! Set up an account on and filter the huge amount of information to share the best content with people in your niche. Here is a great article with 5 ideas to brand yourself with Paper.Li.

5) PowToons

If you are tired of using the standard PowerPoint or Keynote platforms to create a branded presentation, then check out PowToons. This is a fun DIY animated presentation tool that adds a very creative element to your presentations.


If you are still a committed slide-type presentation user and have no clue or desire to muck with a new tool like PowToons or Prezi, then is a great way to give your existing slides a personal touch. provides a platform to upload an existing presentation file and then record via your webcam an actual video of you presenting the slides. Your slides and the video of you exist side-by-side literally adding you to the presentation.

7) Vizify

Vizify is a fun new way to promote your brand via social media. Vizify collects and transforms all the fragmented data about your brand across your social media platforms into one unified and interactive visual profile. TechCrunch has called it the “slick new way to present your personal brand.”

What creative tools do you use to promote your personal brand? Please share your ideas below.

By Peter Sterlacci

Peter Sterlacci is known as “Japan’s personal branding pioneer" and is one of 15 Master level Certified Personal Branding Strategists in the world. His company, BeYB, is introducing a leading global personal branding methodology to on-the-move careerists in Japan. Follow Peter on Twitter @PeterSterlacci