Have you ever wondered what people are searching for on Monster UK?

Your sleepless nights are over, with the brand new Monster journey infographic you can see some fascinating trends from what days are the most popular for searches to how many graduate positions are searched for every week in Great Britain.


  • 17,778 job searches made every hour
  • 164 job postings viewed every minute
  • 2,126 new job postings per day
  • 3 sales jobs searched for every minute
  • 3,283 CVs viewed by employers per hour
  • 2,671 marketing jobs searched for every day
  • 12,870 graduate positions searched for every week
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are most popular job hunting days
  • 52% of job seekers have a bachelor’s degree

Other revelations include that banking is the preferred career choice for teenagers, almost a third of jobseekers spend time at their current job looking for a new one and that ‘sales’ is the most searched word on the Monster site

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