How an Applicant Tracking System Reads YOUR Resume

Do you know what happens with your resume when you apply for jobs online?

Employers receive a steady stream of applications from job seekers for each open position through their applicant tracking systems (ATS). This automates the flow of applications and does some of the screening before a human even takes a look at your resume. Here are some of the best ats tools.

The steps that your resume goes through are:

  1. HR receives your resume along with hundreds of others
  2. Your resume is run through a parser (software that breaks down formatting)
  3. The parser assigns meaning to resume content
  4. The employer then uses keywords to search candidates
  5. Your resume gets scored based on relevancy

Hopefully, your resume will come up at the top of the search and scoring results. If not, you’ll languish at the bottom of shortlists and won’t get interview requests. This infographic from Resunate explains more!

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