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The Evolution of Recruitment Technology

Recruitment technology has changed extensively since the early days, and with the birth of social media it’s become a lot more interactive. Here are some of the main points of its history, courtesy of TalentBin.


  • In the pre-computer era, jobs were found via bulletin boards and newspapers, whereas passive candidates were found via resume archives and phone sourcing.
  • In the pre-web era, job markets were difficult to get into, so candidates had to be specialised. E-mails emerged as the main communication method, with computers and applicant tracking systems being used to find passive candidates.
  • In 1995 (the ‘Early Web’), online job boards and classifieds expanded the distribution of job postings and also created resume databases which became available to recruiters, on sites such as Monster.
  • In 2005 (the ‘Late Web’), job aggregators were making finding jobs easier, whilst LinkedIn compiled over 161 million online professional profiles.
  • In 2012, the social web has made it easier for job distributions to reach new channels (with over 175 million tweets a day), and for passive candidates to be discovered.
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evolution of recruiting tools

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