LinkedIn now has 150+ million users. But how are those users really using the world largest professional networking site? Good question which this infographic will try to answer. Here are some of the highlights of the study.

First off, most users (90.9%) use the free version of LinkedIn and the rest have an upgraded paid account. Probably the way it should be, paid accounts are typically only useful for people using LinkedIn for recruitment or business development.

Most users (51%) have between 0-500 first degree connections on LinkedIn. Compare that to recruiters using LinkedIn, they have an average of 616 first degree connections (more at How Recruiters use Social Networks).

This is interesting: only 50.5% of users have ‘complete profiles’ as defined by LinkedIn. Getting a complete profile is really simple so wonder why so few people have done this?

The majority of LinkedIn users are in 10 or more groups. 10.4% of users are a member of the maximum 50 groups. Being in more groups gives users more visibility and ability to search for others, something only one in ten users have clocked on to.

How must time are users investing in LinkedIn? No surprise here that the biggest group (47.6%) only spend between 0 and 2 hours on the network per week. Only 10.5% of users spend more than 8 hours on LinkedIn per week, probably the same users that are members of 50 groups!

What do people like about LinkedIn? Most users say they like Groups, people searching, finding people they might know, seeing who’s viewed your profile and looking up company information. No mention of snooping on competitors or looking up ex-girlfriends.

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Source: Power Formula

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