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How Unsafe is Your LinkedIn Password?

You will not have missed the story about LinkedIn and the 6.46 million stolen user passwords.

Here is a study done by Rapid 7, looking at the most popular passwords people use on LinkedIn as well as some of the common mistakes made while setting passwords.

Top 5 passwords (avoid these at all cost):

  • link
  • 1234
  • work
  • god
  • 12345

Common password mistakes by users:

  • Not watching your language: foul passwords are weak and can be embarrassing when disclosed!
  • Bad relationship: using a password related to the site (such as ‘link’ in this case).
  • Religion: typical passwords will be ‘god’, ‘angel’ and ‘jesus’ – hackers know this!
  • Count Dracula (of Sesame St that is): don’t use numbers like ‘123456789’!
  • Size: 3 or 4 letters is way to short and try not to use the word love as a prefix

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