How to Brand Yourself an Expert on Social Media

Social media is a great leveler and it’s easier than ever to brand yourself a thought leader, publisher or expert online. The trouble is that there are no barriers to entry and anyone can call themselves an expert. Social media ‘experts’ are ten to the penny for sure, not to mention their peers known as gurus, samurais and ninjas.

You have to be a bit careful with social media and what you label yourself; if you claim to be an expert you’re probably doing it wrong. Most well-known experts would probably not call themselves just that, but others would.

Our friends at Zintro have put an infographic together about how they believe you can leverage yourself as an expert in your field. They say that if you research the most well known people in your field or industry and they probably have one thing in common: They voice their opinion on and off the Internet and have publicly displayed contact information on one or more social media platforms.

Each business and industry is different, which means the audience and potential client base may better be suited for one platform over another. Recognizing the right social media site to use is important, and connecting with your audience on a personal level by giving valuable tools, resource or tips is paramount. See what you think.

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