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How to Improve at Online Sourcing

I train a lot of recruiters in how to improve at researching on the Internet. I constantly learn more about how to do this better.
By far the most popular topics for training are Google Basics and Getting more out of LinkedIn. This training can look radically different for different groups of people, depending on how much they already know.

Some recruiters get enormous returns for their new knowledge while others simply go back to “business as usual” and forget all about it. Some are not ready to learn, some are just not the sort of person that will enjoy searching the Internet and others are just too busy succeeding in their jobs already.

Before you embark on the journey to learn more about Internet sourcing, you might want to ask yourself these three questions:

Do you know your way around the Internet?

Are you confused by the terms Browser, Search Engine and URL? Have you tried a Browser other than Internet Explorer? If the answer to these questions is “no” or “I don’t know” then you might need to spend a little more time getting comfortable online.

Do you get a kick out of surfing the web?

There seems to be two camps of people; those that really enjoy spending time online and those that simply see it as a tool for finding information or getting a chore done. People that fall in the latter category seem to have a harder time integrating some Internet sourcing time into their daily routines. If this sounds like you then you are might be better suited to sourcing names in real life at networking events or attracting candidates to apply by focusing on attraction strategies.

Are you frustrated by the lack of great candidates accessible to you at the moment?

If the answer is “no”, then you will have little motivation to integrate new sourcing methods into your daily activities. If “Business as usual” works then it is very tempting to stick with it. While I might think that every recruitment team could improve its performance by adding some Internet research skills to the mix, the reality is that it is tough to justify the time when you are already satisfied with the results you generate.

If you think you are ready to start learning more about Internet sourcing then there is no need to wait. Don’t wait for your boss to sign off on some training, get started on your own with these suggestions:

Read Blogs

A lot of great recruiters and sourcers write their own blogs. Many of them write here on Undercover Recruiter. Check out:

Just Do It

By far the best way to learn is to JUST DO IT! Everyone has a different style of sourcing, we’re all sourcing for different kinds of candidates and what works for one person will be useless for another. So just get stuck in!

If you want to hire nurses then start by Googling “Nurse” and see where you end up!

I have definitely learned the most by joining Twitter and it still helps me learn new things most days. It’s a great place to ask questions as well as network with people in both the recruitment industry and the niche you are sourcing in. Feel free to follow me if you join. If I don’t follow back and welcome you – please bug me!

Happy Sourcing! 🙂

By Katharine Robinson

Katharine Robinson is an Internet talent sourcer, trainer & social media addict. She started her career in Executive Search and has also worked as part of in-house recruitment teams. Katharine now runs Sourcing Hat Ltd and is putting on the Discover Sourcing event in September 2013. For more about sourcing from Katharine, see the UK Sourcers blog.