How Sodexo Measures Social Recruiting ROI

We recently had a great chat with Arie Ball, who is VP of Sourcing and Talent Acquisition at Sodexo – a company which is the shining light in the world of social recruiting.

In this interview you’ll get an exclusive insight into the Sodexo strategy on social media when it comes to sourcing, mobile, employer branding and talent community management.

Arie Ball’s top 3 social recruiting tips:

  • Understand what your company presence online is already, what is being said about it
  • Define what you are trying to accomplish and build, whether it’s sourcing, employer branding or talent community
  • Identify what platforms you want to start utilising based on your goal

Social recruiting results from Sodexo:

  • All recruitment properties online are connected (including mobile), the company has built a talent community of 300,000 people to date
  • Strong internal recruitment and employment branding has resulted in the majority of hires being attracted through the Sodexo career website
  • Candidate traffic visiting the Sodexo website has grown 530% which is attributed to their social media and digital strategy
  • Sodexo hire ‘less than a handful’ candidates per year through external staffing agencies
  • 47% of successful candidates have used Sodexo’s social platforms to help them prepare for their interview
  • Time-to-hire at Sodexo has decreased by 8 whole days from 2007 to now
  • Quality of hire has improved year by year
  • Hiring manager satisfaction has increased year over year, it’s currently 4.63 on a 5 point scale (it was under 4 when they started measuring)
  • Sodexo’s cost of hire is roughly half of SHRM’s industry benchmark
  • Recruitment costs have been reduced by $300,000 annually and it has allowed the company to hire social media community managers

And our apologies about the picture quality of this interview, we hope you enjoyed it in spite of this and feel free to share your reactions below!

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.