How to Rekindle Your Job Search Fire

When you’re out in the market, sometimes it can be hard to focus your job search and to feel confident in finding your next role. Here are some questions and thoughts from career consultants – to help you along your way.

Have you focused your job search on one specific area of opportunity?

Most of us have a range of things we like to do, and are good at, and – often – have done. Sadly, that does not help in terms of finding a job. If you go to market with an unfocussed offer – look at me, I can do a whole range of work! – you are unlikely to succeed in your job search.

The alternative is to find the one possible position that you will be ideally suited to. Working with a career coach can help you explore your capabilities, connections, and networks, and – using our joint creativity – design the ideal position for you. I believe this to be the essential first step in securing your next career move.

What’s your target? Who are you going to concentrate on?

I believe that in order to find a new job – not just any job, but your next career move – it is crucial to focus on one target. That’s because if you communicate that you are looking for a particular job, the person you are talking to – whether it’s someone in your network, a potential employer, or a headhunter – can then use their knowledge of the world to assist you.
They might offer you strategic advice, or analytical help, or access to their network. Whatever it is, it will be valuable and is only available if you communicate a specific and focused message to them. So get focused!

Do you know enough about your target? The industry, the role, the environment?

Once you know your target area of opportunity, you need to research and get to understand it deeply. Get to know who the key players are in the industry. Make sure you know everything you can about your sector and the company you’re going after.
Is the target area of opportunity growing or shrinking? Who in your existing network can you talk to about what is actually happening now in the target area of opportunity, so that you can position yourself as a person uniquely qualified to offer value to potential employers? What does the role involve? What unseen advantage do you have, that this research will enable you to play up so that you become irresistible to your target employer?

What value does this opportunity bring you, and you bring it?

Once you have established your value to your target employer, everything becomes easier. You can now take an active role in securing a job. You can arrange to meet potential employers, and since your communication with them will be clear and compelling, they will recognize you as a person they want to – indeed, at times, have to – employ. In my experience, once that happens, a job offer and the next step in your career will come naturally.

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.