How Pinterest Can Help Your Job Search

Pinterest is a unique form of social media site which allows users to ‘pin’ almost anything from the web to a number of customized boards. These boards are then visible to friends found through the site and individual posts can be liked, commented on, or reposted. Pinterest has simply soared in popularity this year. In its early stages, it has grown more quickly than web giants such as Facebook and Twitter but how can this new online phenomenon help find you a job?

Pinterest and design

Those to whom Pinterest is perhaps most likely to help into employment are those in the world of design. Be it marketing, print design, or illustration, companies are scouring the social media site in search of hidden individuals who have an eye for success.

Companies are not only looking for individuals who are pinning their own work on Pinterest but they are keen to see collections compiled by users which indicates a strong eye for design and a solid aesthetic appreciation and understanding. Users considering submitting original work of their own would be advised to look first of all at the site’s small print in the user agreement. It may be wise to wait until you are approached based on your tastes before showing off to companies that you are personally capable of.

Be mindful when setting up a Pinterest account of the impression that your boards give to potential employers. They will be looking not only at the content you are pinning but the arrangement, categorization, and comments which they find on your page.

3 Ways to make yourself a more employable on Pinterest

  • Spend time on your account and make sure it reflects the attributes and goals which you have. Like any social media site, Pinterest is heavily time centric and the number of time people spend on your account will heavily influence their overall opinion of it. Make sure you give your account the dedication it deserves and never be tempted to rush your collections as your haste will be reflected in your work, reducing its quality.
  • Connect your pages to real life and make sure you advertise your Pinterest page in the right places. Consider adding it to business cards or including it with your contact details on your CV.
  • Keep your page simple and easy to navigate. Much like a CV, employers will want to see examples of your abilities and skills as quickly as possible and cluttered collections will not offer this. Keep things simple and make sure you showcase your skills to the best of your ability.

Thinking outside the box

Pinterest essentially offers users a free space to collect the work of others and of their own and to create a personalized space. Perhaps begin by uploading your CV and other credentials and using the site as a place of reference for potential employers.

As well as telling employers what sort of work you are capable of, Pinterest is also a telling platform for users’ personalities. Make the most of comment features and other opportunities to interact with other users to show how you can thrive in an online, modern, and social environment.

Although Pinterest is predominantly used to display and share elements of design, think about its capabilities beyond that and see what other uses you can put it to. Most importantly, remember that it is not only designers who may be scouted or vetted through this site and that means the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are applying for council jobs or a study placement, Pinterest is a great platform for showing off what you can do. With recruitment now utilizing modern platforms such as social media it is more important than ever for job hunters to have a defined online presence.

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