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How Leadership Brand Affects Talent Attraction

Ambitious employees want to develop into leaders at work. They want to grow and prosper in your business. So your reputation for developing employees into leaders, managers and more, is pivotal, and might just be the most important aspect of your employment brand.

We’re with Morgan Hoogvelt, the Global Director of Talent Acquisition at ESAB to dissect the importance of leadership and employer brand at his company.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Morgan’s definition of an employment brand is all about.
  • What leadership brand is and how it fundamentally relates to employer brand.
  • What Morgan’s take on Glassdoor and what role it has within the employer brand space.
  • Why people choose or take a job, whether that be their people, their boss or something along those lines.
  • What companies like yours can do to supplement their employment brand.
  • How should employment brand change and what’s next according to Morgan’s crystal ball!

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