How Insurance Giant Aon Uses Social Media to Recruit

Here’s an interview Jorgen Sundberg of Link Humans did with Bryan Chaney, who is the global social media strategy manager at the global re-insurance company Aon. We discussed the recruitment challenges they are facing and how social media is increasingly helping the company acquire the best talent.

From which social networks Bryan finds useful for recruitment and sourcing to his recent results, find out in the video below the top tips he has given in terms of strategy.

Takeaways from the Aon social recruiting experience:

  • Convey a consistent message through all your platforms (both internally and externally)
  • Define your target audience: who are the people you want to attract and where they are
  • Google Plus is a great place for sourcing and contains very fresh profiles
  • Aon uses Facebook primarily for campus recruitment
  • The company is testing out Pinterest and have listed all their recruiters on a specific board
  • If you’re looking for a job, always apply for specific jobs at Aon, you can also join the career community and chat with recruiters and current employees
  • Check out Aon’s Career Community, Facebook Page and Pinterest Boards for more.

You can connect with Bryan on Twitter and LinkedIn and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.