The Swedes are brilliant recruiters. Even when they are down under and use an advertising agency. In this case The Monkeys helped the Sydney, Australia IKEA store recruit new employees with an innovative method.

The concept

Career instructions were printed and placed inside the famous IKEA flat packs. Customers literally delivered the mailer to themselves. They could then also share it with friends and family. Not only did it talk directly to those who love the brand, it created a whole new media channel â the flat packs themselves.

The results

The result was no less than 4,285 applications filled with 280 of those hired, all the while the project incurred no cost of its own. Very clever idea and on top of the new hires, it certainly got IKEA and their agency lots of free exposure. A very good recruitment case study in other words. Perhaps something for Home Depot, B&Q, Homebase and Brico Depot to emulate?

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