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How Business Recommendations on LinkedIn Can Help Candidates

Have you noticed just how many sites allow users to leave recommendations or reviews online? 10 reviews for this, 5 people recommend that, and this trend is becoming ever more popular.

Many ecommerce product and service websites are now flooded with user generated reviews to provide their users with confidence in purchasing products and services on offer. This functionality cleverly aims to help create engagement and build the relationship between the customer and seller.

LinkedIn is no exception to this trend. Although you may not be aware of this yet, LinkedIn is allowing organisations to promote specific products and services it offers on the company services tab. The company pages tab on LinkedIn is currently in beta stage. It’s quite probable that LinkedIn will be making more changes and drawing more attention to this particular aspect of its network.

Benefits for candidates

Job seekers can take advantage of this feature when engaging with a recruitment agency.

Provided an agency has its services displayed, job seekers are able to leave a valid recommendation or review their experience with that agency, whether good, bad or ugly. This allows other job seekers to acquire a credible opinion of the agency, and can help a job seeker to evaluate their decision whether to engage with a recruitment agency or not.

Utilising the power of your network

LinkedIn’s recommendations feature highlights any recommendations from within your network, allowing job seekers to see what their direct connections have to say about the agency in question.

This is a powerful feature that enables a jobseeker to view a particular comment, let’s say from a friend or associate within their LinkedIn network that may add further credibility of the product or service in question.

Benefits for brands

Organisations can take advantage of the LinkedIn products & services tab by empowering their customers to leave honest feedback on their products/services. Positive reviews can strengthen the credibility of your company and also help to reach and attract new audiences. I’m sure you can think of other valuable uses for recommendations to promote your brand!

Please feel free to head over to the ARM products and services page on LinkedIn to view a page in action and see what our candidates have to say about us.

Sam Hill is the Online & Social Media marketing executive for Advanced Resource Managers (ARM), one of the UK’s major technical recruitment firms and also provide a wider range of client solutions such as Training, RPO, under the ARM consulting brand. ARM employ in excess of 160 staff and have a turnover of circa £100m.

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