How to Add the X-Factor to Your CV

When competing in today’s job market, the new job seeker must consider having a CV that stands out. The background and job skills for the applicant must have what is called an x-factor. These unique qualities about the CV will stand out. These qualities may be about achievements or personality.

What is the x-factor

Finding the x-factor may be as simple as brain storming about the applicant’s achievements or about the applicant’s background or something in your personality. An ex-boss may be able to quickly assist with a list of the characteristics that made the employee a productive one. For example, being on time is always critical. Completing job tasks by a deadline is always required. Performing at least 100% is critical in today’s job market since there are many applicants for the same position.

Examples of x-factors

X-factors may be a background in economics, for example, if the job position is at a banking facility. Advanced degrees always help to place a person ahead of the pack. Attending seminars and lectures in the employment field is critical for placement and advancement. Impressive CVs may include teaching or demonstrations that the applicant has presented in the selected field. Quality in a subject matter can be realised in this manner. Supervising in a selected field is a way to show that a particular avenue is well accomplished.

Is your x-factor/achievement relevant

The accomplishments noted on a CV are important. They show that a certain level of performance has been reached. However it is important today that the accomplishments be more matched to the job that is being applied for. Academic grade accomplishment can show that certain subjects that are relevant to a job have been well learned. Higher grades mean a better understanding of the subject matter and perhaps show that the individual may be a better employee.

How to get the x-factor across in the CV

How to get the right information across to the potential employer is critical. Presenting the right information must begin by specifically matching the job skills with the job. Standing out could come at this juncture. If the job requires certain knowledge, then focusing on this area of study with the CV presentation is a positive idea. The more the CV matches, the more it will stand out to the employer.

Why it is important to stand out from the crowd

It is important to stand out from the crowd because the competition is something that cannot be ignored. Always remember that someone brighter may be around the corner. Explaining and proving why the CV being presented is the one to select is the critical job for the new applicant.

Other ideas to put the CV ahead of the rest

Other ideas that could be used to gain an advantage include a spotlight on any extra activities that might be beneficial to someone in that job position. If volunteer work is helping the applicant to understand the field of choice, then this kind of information could help sway the selection.

Hand delivery of an application may be something to consider. Since there are probably numerous applications coming in for the same job, putting a face to a piece of paper may be the deciding factor between two possible employees.

Phoning the employer’s office on a weekly basis after handing in the CV, may keep that particular person in the forefront of the job contenders.

Researching the company thoroughly is a good idea. Knowing critical details about the company may help in the final decision-making. Showing a genuine interest in the job and the company will always put a best foot forward. It says that the person is interested in the position.

Are you trainable

Two other indicators that an applicant will be a good employee seems to the critical talents of being trainable and fitting in the office culture. If an employer sees that the applicant is just not willing to go along with the group dynamic, then it may be determined that this person is either not trainable or will not be a good social match.

For example, if the group dresses rather conservatively and the applicant comes in unusual attire, then the management may conclude that this particular person may be somewhat disruptive of the culture at the office. If the personality is one that comes across rather loudly, then the interviewers again may think that a degree of disruption may occur.


Innovation seems to be important in finding that perfect job. Having the right attitude is critical. Being able to see new ways of presenting in a job interview may be important. As always, tempering innovation and common sense are the critical factors in deciding where to apply and how to do this. Remember that not all jobs are for everyone. Besides the certain qualifications needed, there is a culture that must be addressed. Developing new skills may be a new adventure. The right person for the right job may be determined by the outstanding CV.

Marie Warren is a avid careers adviser and keen blogger who works for online recruitment agency

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