In case you were still wondering, weather and temperatures do have an impact on office staff… and dispute are likely to happen in a number of occasions.

According to Andrews Sykes, the result on productivity is huge. During fair weather, 30% of workers extends their lunch breaks by no less than 13 minutes during summer time. Working attire, too, are obviously linked to productivity. Who likes to work wearing a suit during hot weather?

Although company culture doesn’t always allow relaxed dress code, adaptation during summer and winter months are desperately needed!


  • 18-24 year olds were the most likely to admit to lengthening lunches, twice as likely as those 55+, though the elder group said they took longer.
  • The 45-54 age group admitted to taking the longest lunch breaks.
  • Less than a quarter of respondents had a relaxed dress code during hot weather.
  • Workers with a relaxed dress code are more likely to work extra hours.

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Office Temperature Wars

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