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How to Get Hiring Managers Involved in the Recruitment Process

A topic of conversation at Sourcecon Fall 2015 (a national conference for recruiters and sourcers to learn about different recruitment tools and strategies) was: how to get hiring managers involved in the recruitment process.

Here was my advice on how to do this…

First the challenge.

Many hiring managers say: “Why do I need to send a message to my connections regarding job opportunities, isn’t that the recruiter’s’ role?”

Yes, it is the recruiter’s job but recruiting is a team sport and managers cannot just sit back and wait. They must be involved.

The Solution.

I’m fortunate to work with many proactive hiring managers; here is how I’ve turned them into ‘sourcers’ and ‘recruiters’:

  • Start with the simple stuff: give everyone a voice.

Practically speaking, this involves having hiring managers promote the roles you’re working on together.

Give your Hiring Manager’s instructions on what to write; for example:

“We’re hiring & and growing into 2016.”

“Check out our career page”

“I’m hiring a team of (fill in the blank) #JoinUs”

Provide job related content your Hiring Manager can easily copy and paste into their social media channels [i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook].

  • Working on your hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile.

Some easy things to do in the Summary section include:

Adding: “We’re Hiring”

Under the headline of your LinkedIn profile you can include:

[ie. CEO – We’re hiring Software Engineers, connect with me!]

Also, include content under the published section that promotes the employer brand.

  • Create a social media calendar for your Hiring Managers.

Another part of the ‘push back’ thing – most Hiring Managers say: “I would post updates online but I don’t have the time.”

I create a calendar for them with specific pre-written posts including: where to post [which social media channel] and on what day.

A simple copy and paste- similar to what’s noted above: “We’re hiring & and growing into 2016.”

  • Lunch and Source.

Have your recruitment team host a lunch and source day: recruiters sit with your Hiring Managers during a ‘catered’ lunch and begin sourcing through their LinkedIn connections.

The idea here is, some Hiring Managers forget they’ve worked with some pretty remarkable people throughout their professional career – we want these people!

  • Arranging for your hiring managers to speak at meet-ups and events.

Groups, meet-ups and associations are always looking for content and speakers. Work with your Hiring Managers to create a short list of topics they can speak on and help create their bio.

Reach out to the leaders of these groups and pitch your Managers as presenters.

  • Remind your Managers.

This helps with the engagement and connection part – it also helps with their own professional brand.

The Payoff.

Engaging Hiring Managers in the recruiting process will bring a larger talent pool, greater employer branding and a hopefully a quick and easier hiring process.

By Angela Bortolussi

Angela Bortolussi is Recruiting Manager [Specializing in Technology I Product] for the Vancouver and Los Angeles Recruiting Social’s office.