Talent Acquisition

Recruiters: Hire More Drinkers!

Yes, you read that right. Hire more drinkers!

Oh, wait, slight typo…

I mean, you have got to hire more D.R.I.N.C.K.A.E’s

If I were building new recruitment company today, the only people I would hire would be D.R.I.N.C.K.A.E’s. And I am pretty sure this is valid across all businesses in the modern age – certainly those selling a service, or an idea.

This is what a D.R.I.N.C.K.A.E looks like:

Digital natives:

People who ‘get digital’, are comfortable with social media, are great e-sourcers, can find people on the web, and can build relationships online.


And by ‘reach’, I mean a network. People who know people. People who are connected, and known in a niche. People who may not know all the answers, but they know the people who have the answers, or at least, they know where to find those people.


Hugely underestimated in recruitment, I have found. Intelligence that is. Everyone says recruitment is not ‘rocket science’. True, but it’s not easy either. And in the modern era, clients and candidates just will not deal with dummies. I am talking about intellectual prowess, which earns credibility, but also emotional intelligence. Knowing when to shut up, when to speak, what to say, what not to say.

No d*ckheads:

Sure you can bill, but you are just not that nice to have around. I won’t hire you. Ever.


Yes, the ability to write. Not emails so much, but that’s a bonus. I mean blogs, tweets, status updates, compelling profiles.

Knowledge and niche:

Specialisation is the future of recruitment. A mile deep and an inch wide. Credibility through expertise. That’s the way.

Attitude over résumé:

Always. I can fill in the gaps in your experience and skills, if you have the right attitude. Hire attitude.


I know, crazy word when talking about recruiters. But the days of the arrogant, showy, pushy, superficial recruiter are over. You want great candidates to work with you? You have got to feel their pain, and understand their hot buttons. That is the only way to build an off-line brand, and become a ‘talent magnet’.

So there it is. Throw away your old Job Descriptions. Only hire drinkers.

Sorry, I mean D.R.I.N.C.K.A.E’s

By Greg Savage

Greg Savage is a sought-after speaker and presenter, as well as consultant and advisor to the industry. He has founded several highly successful recruitment companies and worked in recruitment all over the world. To contact Greg please email: