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How Should Recruiters Help Candidates in the Hiring Process?

And we don’t just mean helping them get a job – that’s pretty obvious and let’s be honest, that’s the main aim of a recruitment consultant’s role.

But there are other things that some recruiters can be doing which is over and above their job title. This week our expert panel reveal how they’ve gone that extra mile for candidates.

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves

Quite simply lets do our job. Go above and beyond. Have honest conversations. Provide feedback and keep in touch. Build relationships. Take a human approach.

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves,  Director, H2 Consultancy.

Jeff Berger

The clearer expectations the recruiters can set ‒ about the job requirements and the company’s hiring process ‒ the better. Communication is the key to creating a positive candidate experience and thanks to advances in recruitment technology, it’s becoming easier and less costly to keep candidates informed throughout the process via chatbots and other enhancements to employers’ existing applicant tracking systems.

Jeff Berger, CEO and Founder, Talent Inc.

Lysha Holmes

Recruiters should be guiding candidates throughout the entire process from start until they walk through the door! Timely feedback, prep to both the candidate and client, Honesty throughout ensuring that the opportunity IS their right one. Supporting them through their various stages- sounding board for their thoughts- remain impartial and forget about the fee! If it is meant to happen you will get your fee so take that out of the equation! And every step of the package negotiation, holding their hand throughout their resignation and notice. Whatever the candidate needs from you!

Lysha Holmes, Recruiter of Recruiters, Qui Recruitment.

Paul Wolfe

Recruiters should continue to keep the lines of communication open throughout the entire hiring process with a candidate. It is important for the candidate to be kept up-to-date with any progress that has been made in the company’s decision making process for the role along the way. Often, we hear about a communication “black hole” issue with candidates and hiring managers alike. With today’s job market, many employers are improving their “candidate experience” to stay top-of-mind against their competitors. Staying in constant contact with the candidate throughout the hiring process is a great way to ensure your candidate experience is pleasant for the job seeker.

Paul Wolfe, Indeed Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources.

Rebecca Fraser

Recruiting is time consuming and challenging as you are normally dealing with a lot of roles and a lot of different stakeholders. Recruiters can help more by being clear in what they are seeking however sometimes it is a juggling act of meeting the needs of the employer or hiring manager and the availability on the market.

Rebecca Fraser, Digital Experience and Learning Manager.

Ben Martinez

Make them feel at ease. Act as a coach between the candidate and the hiring team.

Ben Martinez, Principal Founder, Ramp Talent.

Jo Cresswell

Recruiters should get to know candidates and understand what they’re looking for in their next role, both in terms of personal and professional growth. As well as their abilities and past experience, understanding a candidate’s wider ambitions will help recruiters identify companies which will be a cultural fit for candidates which will help during the wider hiring process. Recruiters can also significantly improve overall candidate experience if they maintain good communications with candidates, keeping them updated and providing feedback in a timely manner.

Jo Cresswell, Corporate Communications Manager, Glassdoor.

Darain Faraz

Recruiters can be the light in the dark for candidates that need help finding their next job. They have exceptional market knowledge, access to hundreds of jobs and hiring tools like ATSs and HR chatbots, and can save job seekers’ time and energy. They can also provide expert advice and guidance on tap and for free. Providing simple but effective tips, for example how to build a CV from start to finish to secure that all-important interview, can provide a world of difference to a candidate struggling to make themselves heard

Darain Faraz, Careers Expert, LinkedIn.

Allan Leung

Recruiters can guide candidates by informing them of what the next steps are and the anticipated timeframe of when they’ll hear back. Offering candidates the opportunity to ask any follow up questions as well is helpful. If candidates are meeting with hiring managers, recruiters can share some tips in preparation for the interviews.

Allan Leung, Lead Talent Acquisition Advisor.

Chris Murdock

Recruiters need to be transparent about the process and where the candidate fits into the process. They also need to level expectations for the candidate.

Chris Murdock is Senior Partner and Co-Founder at IQTalent Partners

By Ushma Mistry

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