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Why a Healthy Employee is a Happy Employee

Following on from our employee’s guide to staying healthy, this useful infographic from ChairOffice provides lunchtime inspiration for those aiming to get a head-start on their new year resolutions on keeping healthy and fit. Not only will you feel better overall but you’ll work more efficiently!

Remember, keeping healthy is 80% nutrition, 20% working out. Killer abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!


  • Feeling the 3pm fatigue? Eat iron-packed prawns may keep your energy level high!
  • Meat can be part of a balanced diet. Treat yourself but everything in moderation.
  • Carbohydrates shouldn’t be shunned either, as they can slowly release energy throughout the day.
  • Broccoli! Broccoli! Broccoli! Get those greens! The satisfaction of eating healthy outweighs cravings for sugar and salt and fat! Treat your body as a temple.

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