Today, I spoke to Vincenzo Migliore, who is a Manchester (England) based recruitment veteran and founder/director of the website Judge the Job.

Tell us Vincenzo, what is Judge the Job all about?

Judge the Job is an anonymous employee review site that allows users to discover the real best companies to work for.

How does it help people out there?

We all know how difficult it can be to make a career move or decide whether or not to join a particular company, so the aim of Judge the Job is not to replace, but to provide another trusted and unbiased source of information, that helps in this process. Actually it’s a little bit like therapy, helping you put things into perspective by encouraging you to take time out, to think about all the elements good and bad that make up your job. And actually after leaving a review… Well, it’s kind of satisfying.

How many reviews are listed?

We currently have almost 100 live reviews for a range companies from Lloyds TSB, British Airways, BT Group and more.

What do companies think about being listed?

Aah yes, interesting one! It really varies, some feel a little uncomfortable with the loss of control and concerned about what people will say, now that we are giving them the chance, whereas other companies, believe it or not, have actively asked their employees to visit the site and get involved, which is great!

Does it cost anything?

No, it’s completely free to use and I quote, “we will never charge users to access reviews”. In fact all we ask is that you submit a quick anonymous review in return for 12 months full access to the site.

Reasons you started it up?

Having worked in the recruitment industry I was becoming a little skeptical of so many companies offering so called ‘great opportunities’, and I realized it would be helpful if there was somewhere people could actually read first hand experiences for themselves.

I also noticed how much time people seemed to be spending reading/writing reviews about holidays, restaurants, and even smaller purchases such as books and CDs…. Yet there seemed very few places for people to review one of the biggest parts of their lives, their jobs.

So I set about creating Judge the Job; allowing users to anonymously discuss their experiences of working at particular companies.

Is Judge the Job just for people to complain about their company?

Well some might think so, but this something we work hard to avoid, we’re aiming for balanced reviews of the workplace. Ok we understand people like to moan about work but on JudgetheJob, companies deserve a fair trial which is why we insist people put the good and bad points before completing their review – no company deserves 0%. After all there’s always something good about your job – even if it’s just the people you work with.

Admittedly it is up to the users to make this work, the more information they share the more useful it will become as a career tool. But isn’t about anonymous ‘revenge’; it’s about honest, open reviews and sharing of that information. All reviews are personally read and approved before they go live on the site. We’ve also put some pretty strict guidelines in place to make sure people treat the community and members with respect.

Where are you taking your site next?

The natural step for us is to include vacancies, something we are looking to introduce fairly soon. We’re also constantly exploring new ways of developing and improving the site and in fact have something very special planned for the coming months….so watch this space!

Give me 3 reasons why people should go to your site right now?

You can access all reviews free of charge, you can read inside information on the companies you want to work for and finally you can get that much needed career therapy!

Vincenzo Migliore is the founder of Judge the Job, a site that allows employees to anonymously read/write impartial reviews about their place of work.

[UPDATE: Judge the Job is history and Vincenzo now works for LinkedIn, find him there instead!]

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