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Which Halloween Spooks Make the Best Workers?

Has your candidate search become a bit of a horror?

Perhaps that’s a good thing! People First reckon that the ghouls and zombies of the workforce could actually bring something valuable to the table.

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Here’s what makes each of these 5 types of candidate such a great hire.

The Zombie:

  • Willing to attack a problem head on, without hesitation.
  • They’re very logical and make great problem solvers.

The Ghost:

  • This candidate believes in complete transparency, making them 100% honest and open about their thoughts and ideas.
  • What you see is what you get with this kind of person, so you can trust them.


  • This person is the life and soul of the party and has a larger than life personality.
  • They may come across as a bit kooky, because they have a unique sense of humour.

The Vampire:

  • Willing to take a bite out of anything. They will give everything a go and put their full effort in.
  • They’re easy to please and would take a dark basement office with no window if they have to.

The Mummy:

  • They live life with their arms outstretched and ready to help out where they can.
  • They’re really supportive and caring.


By Sophie Deering

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