Top 10 CV Crimes: Are You Guilty as Charged?

When writing your CV, are you guilty of a series of crimes against employment?

All rise. The CV court is now in session. Is your current CV doing your skills and experience justice? Are you courting a life sentence in the same job by committing these CV crimes?

10 CV crimes to avoid:

  1. Your CV should be a maximum of 2 pages.
  2. Your directions should be clear from your CV.
  3. Your CV is not aimed at your target role.
  4. An eye-catching, uncluttered CV will appeal more to recruiters’ senses.
  5. Showcase your pertinent experience, nothing else please.
  6. Don’t make the recruiter play detective to find out what they need to know.
  7. The penalty of not securing an interview will outweigh the effort required to present a sound case.
  8. Back up your claims with quantifiable achievements, LinkedIn recommendations can support this.
  9. If your dates don’t stack up, make sure you have some good answers ready for the recruiter.
  10. Check, check and check again to make sure your spelling and grammar do your CV justice.

Find out if you’re guilty below!

Infographic - CV Crimes

[Source Giraffe CVs]

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