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How will Google AI Affect Your Businesses Online Presence this Year?

Everybody is familiar with Google and has most likely used the search engine to their advantage at one point or another. Any questions you have and that appear in your mind, you can find a quick answer to once you type it into the respective search engine. Already, this has changed society at large.

Add to this, the growing trend and the emergence of artificial intelligence. AI no longer has to be a physical robot that you see with your eyes, but rather it is now a tool that people are able to utilize for the accumulation of data, among other uses. This is a field that is constantly being expanded and revolutionized in society, and it soon will be affecting many aspects of a company’s day-to-day endeavors.

Google has been using its own AI program, referred to as RankBrain, to help decide where your website should rank on the worldwide web. Essentially, machine learning is being used, and your business will largely benefit from understanding how Google AI can impact your online presence.

Automation and Jobs

The first point to consider is the fact that AI assists with the automation of tasks. Gone are the days where people have to spend countless hours of their day accumulating data and statistics on their marketing initiatives, among other operations. Even administrative or other menial tasks have become more efficient as a result of machine learning.

You can now easily complete certain jobs and acquire certain information with the use of an app, program, or another tool that you can find on the world wide web.

To see if AI could be a threat to your job, have a look at Will Robots Take My Job? However, bear in mind the growth areas for employment in the technology sectors, and therefore the related technology recruitment businesses.

Accumulation of data

The accumulation of data is one of the most beneficial components of AI, which can affect your online business. This is particularly important for the social and digital marketing efforts that your company embarks on.

Wouldn’t you want to be able to better understand your target audience? AI analysis makes note of user’s likes and dislikes, making it much easier for companies to target their campaigns in the future.

Businesses have the potential to understand their audience better than ever, and a big part of it is a result of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Benefits user experience

A customer can benefit from AI, and a business can use this same technology in order to offer their audience the best possible content. In other words, the user experience will be impacted, and this is something that will benefit any marketing campaign, whether it’s in the present or future.

The goal of any business is to create customized campaigns that people will engage with and find interesting. The best way to do this is if you understand your customer in the first place. As previously noted; this is something that is much easier to accomplish if there is data collected on a person’s interests and even buying habits.

A company wants to see a return on investment with any online campaigns that they run. Although you may not always be able to guarantee that this is achievable, with the help of machine learning and its analytics, you are one step closer to perfecting your current and future campaigns.

Search engine optimization

At the forefront of Google’s AI is its ability to choose where websites rank. It does so based on the data and analytics that it has come to understand, and it has a machine-learning algorithm integrated into it. RankBrain chooses what websites will be placed higher than others, in part, by analyzing user behavior.

It is thanks to AI learning that your company has access to data, which can help you decide what your users will find most interesting. However, this has made SEO a little more complicated, and you may consider an SEO Agency to help – or at least ensure that your website has a clear, up to date digital marketing strategy in place.

Revisit your strategy in the future

The good news about using AI to gain more information about your customer is that it allows you to predict what they will want to see in the future. Your future marketing strategies, then, will be more predictive in nature.

If it weren’t for machine learning, and the statistics and analytics that it provides you with, you wouldn’t be able to make the same impact with your content.

At the end of the day, your goal is to acquire a competitive advantage over other companies within your industry.

Image recognition

AI can furthermore assist your business with online image recognition. You can use Google Cloud Vision, or other AI tools, in order to sift online images that contain your products in them, or even your company name or logo.

You can then use the data from these images to better target your ads in the future, such as based on the location where most photos containing your products were taken.

Once again, this is an example of something that will benefit your future marketing campaigns.

Growing accustomed to change

As a business, it’s incredibly important you become accustomed to change, and that you embrace it. For instance, if you don’t learn the latest that AI has to offer, you can bet that there will be other companies who are making use of this information, meaning that you will end up falling behind your competition.

At the end of the day, having a strong online presence isn’t enough for you to succeed as a business. The only way to resonate with your audience, and create content that inspires them, is to make use of the tools and resources at your disposal that allow you to do this, such as with artificial intelligence.

For the time being, AI is an area that is undergoing continuous change, and there is more innovation being brought forward every year. You can use AI in order to learn more about your customers than you could by any other means. You will be able to hone in on their interests, growing your potential for making a profit and improving any and all brand awareness initiatives that you will undergo.

About the author: Mike James is an experienced business writer specializing in HR, tech, and cybersecurity. On the latter, he has contributed to many of the leading publications both online and in print – such as StaySafeOnline, GlobalSign, Tech London and more.

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