Employer Branding Talent Acquisition

Activating a Global Employer Brand Strategy

For companies with diverse global footprints, attracting and retaining the right kind of talent at each location can be a tricky problem to tackle.

Imagine trying to strategically plan and execute an employer brand for the world’s largest travel and tourism company with 67,000 employees and 1,600 travel agencies around the world. How do you keep a consistent employer brand in so many locations?

We speak to Sybille Reiß, Head of HR at TUI Deutschland, to understand the employer branding tactics her team has put in place to elevate TUI as an attractive business to work for and a market leader in the industry.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What TUI Group do and why they are the biggest tourism company in the world
  • What TUI stands for, how it impacts their corporate culture
  • What TUI Group’s talent attraction challenges are in terms of the future
  • How the company leverages a diverse set of sources of hire to get the best talent
  • How the company is defining the future of travel and why this stands out in their EVP
  • How TUI Group communicates and activates their three key pillars
  • The hard lessons Sybille has learned along the way in terms of employer branding efforts
  • How to measure the ROI of employer branding through clicks, visitors, and engagement
  • How Tesla and Mercedes-Benz’s employer brand inspire Sybille
  • Whats next for TUI globally and in the future

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