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What is Gen Z’s Attitude Towards Their Future Careers?

Employer branding experts, Universum have recently released the findings of a survey they conducted investigating the attitudes that young people (born between 1996 and 2000) have towards their future careers, fears about work and thoughts about higher education.

Gen Z are the most digital savvy generation yet and are the first to have grown up their entire lives with easy access to information and a means of communicating online. Their confidence with technology empowers them and broadens their knowledge on the world and the options available to them.

Though most of them are still in school, they will make up a large portion of our workforce in the not so distant future. So how can employers go about attracting this group who feel like anything is possible and have such a keen interest in entrepreneurship and what do these individuals expect of their careers?

Optimistic spirit:

  • 65% are hopeful about the future; however they are less optimistic about their standard of living that Gen Y. Just over half of Gen Z believe they will surpass that of their parents, compared to 71% of Gen Y.
  • How will employers support the optimism and creativity that runs through this generation?  

Values at work:

  • 36% fear they won’t find a job that matches their personality. 
  • 35% are worried that they will get stuck with no development opportunities.
  • A further 28% are concerned that they won’t realise their own career goals.
  • It’s essential that employers recognise the need for this generation to express their personality to work and offer them the chance to grow professionally in their company.

University alternatives:

  • Only 15 % accept the idea of foregoing university outright, but 47 percent say they would “maybe” consider the notion of joining the workforce instead of pursuing college/university.
  • Employers may rethink the employer/employee relationship, reaching out earlier and offering more on-the-job education than is typical today.

Top career goals:

  • The top career goals of the generation are a good work-life balance and job security and stability.
  • Work-life balance is most important to those in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Entrepreneurial mindset:

  • An impressive 55% say they are interested in starting their own company – a figure that’s even higher in emerging markets.
  • Employers must work hard to convince them of their value these individuals can bring to a company. They may be won over by an innovative culture and freedom in their work.

Social selectivity:

  • Social media seems an easy way to reach Gen Z, but employers must proceed with care.
  • 83% are open to being contacted by a future employer via social media.
  • However 59% say that they do not want to see ads from employers on there.


[Top Image Credit: Shutterstock]

By Sophie Deering