How to Stay Motivated During the Festive Season

As well as being one of the most wonderful times of the year, the holiday season can also be a major productivity killer. It’s a time to celebrate and have fun – but what are some ways that you can do this, as well as keeping productivity high? Take a look at these top 6 tips to make sure your holiday season is a productive one!

1) Plan:

Planning in advance can do wonders for productivity around the holidays. So as December arrives, why not set aside some time to plan your month. Prioritise tasks and make the all important to-do lists. There’s nothing more satisfying than physically crossing something off a list, and it helps writing down tasks so it’s clear what you should be spending your time on.

2) Enjoy it:

A way to stay truly motivated is to allow some time off to celebrate the festivities. Why not arrange a team christmas dinner or allocate a day for a christmas party. it’s a fun filled times of year, so don’t try and avoid it – sometimes it’s worth going with the flow and having some time off to celebrate.

3) Don’t over commit:

With so many parties and events happening around this time of year, it can be easy to over commit and over do it on social engagements. Maintaining a suitable work-life balance means you’ll keep yourself on track. Hangovers + motivation just doesn’t happen.

4) Attend the right events:

Attending events during the festive season is inevitable. But why not plan your events in a way that means you’ll meet people from your industry and have a chance to network. Causal setting like events or parties are the perfect place to meet potential new clients. So work out which events will work in your favour, and prioritise these in your favour. Two birds, one stone!

5) Avoid multitasking:

This point should be used all year round and not only in the festive season. One way to make sure you get things done is to avoid multi tasking. Pick a task and work on it until it’s finished. Don’t flitter between 3 different jobs – do one until it’s finished to a high quality.

6) Be flexible:

Working flexibility is often necessary for people during the holiday season. If you need a day off to attend an event or party, then make sure you allocate that time on another day to complete any tasks you missed out on.

The holiday season is a time for fun and festivities, so make sure you have fun!

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